The First Assembly, on Saturday, 13th June in Athlone.

The First Assembly, on Saturday, 13th June 2015 in Athlone.


Do you want to see equal rights for people with disabilities? Do you believe in your own power to create positive change? Do you want to celebrate your strengths and creativity?

Well, we'd love to have you with us at the exciting new disability and human rights event, the First Assembly, on Saturday, 13th June in Athlone! It's going to be a really vibrant, creative day to build a new energy for change in the disability community, so come along and have your voice heard. It takes just 30 seconds to register your free place at the link below - see you there!

We’ve all seen it happen before: one day or even one moment that sets the course of history in a new direction.  In 2015, the First Assembly will give disability its moment and explore how we can use our rights to make real equality our destination.

This unique event invites people with disabilities, with our families and communities from across the country, to journey together to a meeting place of minds and common purpose.  This is the first major national gathering of its kind, an enlivening event to explore our rights and to reawaken a collective energy in the disability community.

The Assembly is our day and our space to shape our future.  Some of us may come from different backgrounds, live with different disabilities or come across different hurdles in our lives, but, at the core, we are all the same: we are all people whose rights are not being either recognised or realised, and we are the ones who, together, can turn that around.

We’ll hear the experiences and insight of human rights activists, and listen as people with disabilities share powerful personal testimonies on how they found their voices and the confidence to lead out on progressive change.  We’ll discuss proposals for future actions and initiatives to strengthen the voice of people with disabilities in society, and we’ll celebrate our power and creativity with music, parading, performance, collaboration and festivity.

So, come join the Assembly in a spirit of openness and generosity towards yourself and others; witness the power of community; enjoy the opportunity to be creative in a public arena; and, remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.