Strasbourg Freedom Drive

Strasbourg Freedom Drive


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The Freedom Drive took place in September 2011.

What is the Freedom Drive?

The Strasbourg Freedom Drive is a grass roots rights based supranational level awareness raising and lobbying campaign.

The Strasbourg Freedom Drive was initiated by the European Network on Indepdent Living in conjunction with the Center for Independent Living Carmichael Housein 2003. People with disabilities from all Europe gather in Strasbourg for a week and meet with their national MEPs, members of the Disability Intergroup, the Council of Europe and most importantly, with their European peers.

One of the key elements of the Freedom Drive is an awareness raising rally through the streets of Strasbourg to the European Parliament Building.

The campaign is organised by the European Network of Independent Living and Center for Independent Living Carmichael House based in Ireland.

What are the objectives of the Freedom Drive?

  • Disability awareness raising and promotion of Independent Living
  • Establishment of a cohesive and active network of the European Independent Living movement, including individuals and organisations
  • Active and well-informed individual EU citizens with disabilities
  • Active and well-informed MEPs
  • Actively working Disabiltiy Intergroup mainstreaming issues raised by the campaign

Freedom Drive 2011

In 2011, almost 400 participants from 20 countries travelled to Strasbourg to raise awareness through rallying through the streets of Strasbourg, to lobby Ministers of the European Parliament (MEPs) and in particular, the disability intergroup of the European Parliament with the eight demands of the campaign.

MEPs from sixteen countries met with Freedom Drivers. The group of Freedom Drivers also met with the President of the Disability Intergroup and many of the members of the Disability Intergroup.

The Strasbourg Freedom Drive included a meeting with representatives from the Council of Europe to build and strengthen a relationship with the Council of Europe to impact policy development and monitoring processes of the Council of Europe.