PRESS RELEASE 29th August 2014

PRESS RELEASE 29th August 2014


“People with Disabilities call on the Government to reinstate the Christmas bonus for those on Disability Allowance”.


“If this Government has a conscience then along with talking about reversing cuts to those in the public service it should be including reversing the cuts made to the disability allowance (DA) and reinstating the Christmas bonus for people with disabilities. DA is down by €9.80 per week since 2008, for some of our members this means cutting back on essentials such as food, heat and clothing.” said Michael McCabe, Chairperson of the Centre for Independent Living at the launch of its pre-budget submission this morning at Carmichael House.


The submission highlights income inequality and puts the Government on notice of the continuing hardships faced by people with disabilities. It sets out the fears and concerns people with disabilities have in relation to water charges together with stealth cuts to personal assistance and other vital services.


CIL Pre-Budget Submission 2015 PDF