Cil Representatives meet with Mary Donnelly of FAS/Dept. Social Protection




Michael McCabe and Gary Lee met this morning with Mary Donnelly of FAS/Dept. Social Protection who is in charge of the CE schemes.  We discussed the commitment given to us by Minister Burton regarding no cuts to CIL CE schemes and the failure of this message to reach FAS managers on the ground. We sought a Direction in writing from Ms. Donnelly so that CILs could in turn give same to the FAS managers.  She could not issue this as discretion is left to the local manager on a scheme by scheme basis.  However she said that any CIL CE scheme that is experiencing financial difficulties should go back to their FAS manager who has the power to allocate the additional funding.


We pointed out that the FAS officials on the ground were not implementing this policy – they were pressing ahead with the cuts and that no additional funding to make up the shortfall has been forthcoming.  Ms Donnelly is calling a meeting of regional Managers this Monday and our difficulties would be raised at same.  She will specifically address the issue of our funding with them.


They are proceeding with the reviews which she says will be fully completed by this March.  We are meeting with her again in early February for an update.


The message is to – go back to your FAS manager again, tell them that you are experiencing financial difficulties – if this threatens the survival of your CE scheme say it – and that you require additional funding to make up the shortfall.  I would suggest committing this to writing by way of email to your local manager. Please them let either Nina or me know how you get on so we can revert to both Ms. Donnelly and Minister Burton. 


Below is a copy of the email I received from Ms. Donnelly in which she says to go back to your local manager if you are “encountering financial difficulties”. You should present a copy of this email to him/her when you ask for the additional funding.




Gary Lee



From:Donnelly, Mary []
Sent: 18 January 2012 13:00
Cc: Egan, Oliver
Subject: Reductions on CE




I wish to thank you and your colleagues for the clarity in which you outlined the implications of the reductions on the CE Materials and Training Budgets for 2012. As discussed a review of the financial resources – income and expenditure of each scheme is taking place at local level. The timeframe for completion is the end of March next. DSP staff involved are advised that schemes who have committed expenditure to eligible costs and approved by DSP will be reimbursed.  If any of your schemes are encountering financial difficulties I would advise that you get in touch with your DSP Officer immediately and present the situation to them.  I would ask that CIL undertakes the process of review with DSP, the outcomes of these reviews will be fed back to the Minister for Social Protection and will inform how the budget is managed and allocated going forward.




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