23rd of March 2017


The Center for Independent Living has an open membership policy towards all persons with a disability and non-disabled persons who are committed to the Independent Living Philosophy. A long time has passed since the last review of our membership so we are re-drafting our membership list with a view to restoring membership to lapsed members and ratifying membership for new applicants before our 2016 AGM. In order to apply or re-apply for membership, please send details of your full name, address, telephone number, email and reason for applying to info@dublincil.org or by post to Center for Independent Living, Carmichael House, North Brunswick St, Dublin 7. Membership applications will be considered on an ongoing basis with a view to being ratified by the Board which meets 8-to-12 times per year.

Members who wish to participate in this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM 2016) must sign up by 31st July 2017. 


The first Irish Center for Independent Living (CIL) was established in Carmichael House in 1992 by and for people with disabilities with the main aim of ensuring that people with disabilities achieved Independent Living, choice and control over their lives and full participation in society as equal citizens. It offered an advocacy and campaigning representation role, striving to bring about a social model of service delivery and to ensure policy decisions would include input from those whose lives were actually affected

Our Vision

The Center for Independent Living looks forward to the full development of rights based choices to enable Independent Living for all people with disabilities.